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IT Services

Managed IT Systems
At Technically Amazing IT, Inc. we can manage your complete network including iPad's, notebooks, desktops, servers and all the other equipment that makes a network run smooth. Our management software lets us quickly and securely connect to any system you have. We can even remotely reboot devices. All remote access is logged and can be audited periodically so you can feel assured you'll meet all of your compliance requirements but have support a call or email away. 
Hardware: Computers, Networking Equipment, Routers/Firewalls with remote access, Printers, Internet connections, etc.
Software: Desktop Management Software, Cloud Backup, Antivirus, Patch Management, etc.
Cloud Services​​


Exchange Email
Web Hosting
Servers on premise or in the cloud
Maintenance plans available​
Wifi - HD Wireless Solutions
Enterprise-grade High Definition Wireless systems are commonplace and have found a home in almost all industries, including, law offices, healthcare, resorts, hotels, theaters, arena, fairgrounds, manufacturing, multi-tenant condo's and more. All of our systems are backwards compatible which means they support both the newest high speed protocols and all the relevant older ones so all of your devices will connect to our networks. These systems give us real time and historical data so even after the installation we can further optimize configurations to traffic is managed efficiently thus  user guarantying an amazing user experience.
Features: Guest portals, integrated payment systems, voucher systems, and  redirects to custom pages with ads or a listing of your services. We also offer heat mapping of your facility so we can build you a system with no dead spots and minimum services levels. 
Email & Secure Email Systems
There is no shortage of offerings in this category but you can benefit for our experience here. At Technically Amazing IT, Inc. we offer proven solutions that will fit the needs of your company.  Some of the features you can expect is shared calendars, contracts, tasks and these systems even integrate with our document management systems for seamless operation. If you operate in the healthcare space we have a ​​Secure Email offering that has served us well for many years and it meets all the requirements of HIPAA. 
Web Design & Marketing
Our Web Design & Marketing gallery is still under construction but coming soon.​ Some of the services we have is complete web design, email marketing, search engine optimization so your sites are easily found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We also extend you business presence so your visible in all the relevant directories, and listing thus further guarantying the right traffic gets directed to your site. 
Phone Systems
No matter your needs we have a phone system for you. All our phone systems offer the latest technology such as HD VOIP and features like conference lines, simultaneous ringing where call ring your office phone and cell phone at the same time and all of this is done at prices any business can afford.
For the small business we offer all the features of a mid or large company such as auto-attendants (menu trees), conference lines, and hunt groups but keep the personal feel 
of a small business. For larger companies we have a complete offer-
ing that includes video phones, conference lines, virtual phone Lines,
dual ring lines, answering services, analytics that show customer on hold time, hangups and more.  ​
eFaxing - (HIPAA Compliant)​
Say good by to numerous fax lines and phone bills. Consolidate you services to one account.​ All our eFaxing are secure but for the healthcare facilities we have an offering that meets all your regulatory compliance requirements.
Data Network Design, Installation and Cabling
We maintain data center space as seen in the background as well as operate on-premise systems in build to spec. server and wiring closets.​ Technically Amazing IT, Inc. can also run your local area networking cabling for phones and computers and if you need fiber, we can provide both aerial and under ground fiber as well.
Office 365
AWS Partner
Cloud Computing
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