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Enterprise Wireless Solutions
Enterprise-grade High Definition Wireless systems are commonplace and have found a home in almost all industries, including, law offices, healthcare, resorts, hotels, theaters, arena, fairgrounds, manufacturing, multi-tenant condo's and more. All of our systems are backwards compatible which means they support both the newest high speed protocols and all the relevant older ones so all of your devices will connect to our networks. These systems give us real time and historical data so even after the installation we can further optimize configurations to traffic is managed efficiently thus  user guarantying an amazing user experience.
Features include: Guest portals, integrated payment systems, voucher systems, and  redirects to custom landing pages that contain ads or a listing of your services. We also offer heat mapping of your facility so we can build you a system with no dead spots and minimum services levels.​​ 
       Guest Wireless Portals
Wireless Guest Portal Page
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